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Thank you for opening your heart's and home.

Namaste, To the Happy Heart Family Thank you for opening your heart's and home. You have all made me feel so welcome. It has been such a blessing to experience a taste of your food, Culture and most of all your Loving Hearts Heart's and home. You have all made me feel so welcome. It has been such a blessing to experience a taste of your food, Culture and most of all your loving Hearts. From my hearts to yours!

Thank you
Sister Rose Rose Mepherren from USA Heatlth Therapist

Rose Mepherren

My soul to be so deeply moved, Thank you Tamang family

I have now visited the Family home Stays two times. On my last trip I lived with the family for 4 incredible weeks! Mr. Tamang (Dawa) arranged for me to volunteer at the chhahari home for at risk and orphan children and also teach at their local school. I was not prepared for my soul to be so deeply moved by old and young alike. We have much to learn from these loving people. I believe these kinds of cultural exchanges - living and working the womb of a Nepalese family - benefits us both individually and collectively. Thank you Tamang family and see you next year!

Ingrid Hoffmeister Writer, artist

Ingrid Hoffmeister

You are a wonderful human, Dawa

Dawa, It was so great to have the honor to have met you.You are a wonderful human we need more people like you on our earth!I will really miss talking to you,INshall we will meet again soon!thank you so so much for every thing! Please thank you wife and kisd for every thing as well you have a wonderful family See you soon!


You have really made me feel so happy.

Namaste Pariwar! Thank you all soo much for everything! You took Sara and I right in as family and instantly we felt at home here. I have enjoyed my time here living with you all so so much.. I wish I could stay with you my whole time here! from being so far away from home, to saying goodbye to Sara, You have really made me feel so happy and at home.. thank you! And see you soon! Love you all SO much!, I'll come to visit often, I Promise.

Buddy Typm (Bishal Tamang)

Buddy Typm (Bishal Tamang)

Had the joy and privilege to stay

I have had the joy and privilege to stay many times in Dawa and Humayas Home the last 11 yrs. Their home is imaculate full of visitors, relatives mountainous folk from their Mount Everest Region villages adn not to be missed when you are in Nepal if you want to visit local monasteries, volunteer in the famiy run orfange.. visit a mayriad of Buddha/Gods Shivas creations you can walk to all of them from here.. All way at lease 2-3 rooms open and Healthy. Soulfully prepared meals.

James aplington californian Lotus Gallery in Muir Beach Cal and in

James aplington

Thank you so much for your warm greetings!

I really enjoy staying with family home stays because Dawa- Jojo and Hiu Maya - ongmu and the children make me feel so welcome and at home. Coming from Japan where there is very little space, its amazing to me how much room there is! We came here to Nepal to visit Dharma Sangha (buddha Boy) in the Halkoriya Jungle.. a very memorable journey. I am already planning my return. thank you. Dawa -jojo and Pariwar!

Andrea Good I am an aromatherapist and a Teacher

Andrea Good

Love you FHS

20nitikan nepal ni taizai siteiru uti 1shukan dawasan no homestay ni osewa ni narmasita watashi wa amari eigo ga dekimasenga dawasan wa nihongo mo sukoshi dekimasu. dawasan mo family mo totemo atatakaku suteki na jikan wo sugosukoto ga dekimasita. oheya mo kireide, naniyori okujou kara miru asahi to yuugure wa kotoba ni narimasen. Dawasan to dawasan no kazoku ni aeta kotoni kokoro yori kansha simasu arigato. Rie Sugai Japanise, 32 yrs Old Female

Rie Sugai

The homestays was one of the highlights of our trip to Nepal

Dawas's Family has been truly wonderful to stay with and have welcomed us int their home with opens arms. They helped us see the sights we wished to see in Kathmandu and elsewhere in Nepal. The homestays was one of the highlights of our trip to Nepal and Tibet. This Experience is highly recommended!

Mark Dittmer & Julie Kryzanowski From Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Mark Dittmer & Julie Kryzanowski
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Very comfortable, clean , secure home

I am a guest here at Family Home Stay and a first time visitors to Nepal. I have been in Nepal for 3 weeks with a couple more weeks to go. Ngima Dawa Tamang, the proprietor and his family have opened his doors to me in an accomodative way. They listen to my plans and I find encourage me to use this place as base when needed. Otherwise they are helpful in transporting me to places of interest including 7 Hours south to the Jungle and North to the Himalayan. The Home is very comfortable, clean , secure and The food is of highest quality with western style eating and option.

Barry Ryder, USA | Massage Therapist Michigan

Barry Ryder

Wish you many happy guests in the future

We have been guests here at the family for 5 days. It have been very nice and we have enjoyed. It was only to short.To stay with a family and have the opportunity to be a part of the daily life has been wonderful. thank you so much, we wish you many happy guests in the future. all the best Naja, Leda, Madas and Dina Parents and children

Naja, Leda, Madas and Dina

You are truly amazing, lovely and joy spreading persons

Dear Dawa, Hiumaya and the rest of the family! I want to thank you all ever so much for opening your home to me! You are truly amazing, lovely and joy spreading persons and if only there were more people like you, the world would no doubt be a better place to live in. I have had an amazing time in Nepal and I have certainly gotten and experience for life. I hope that fate will one day bring me back to Nepal - until then I will miss all of you very deeply. Frederik (I was helping in chhahari and sagarmatha)

Frederik Thoroe

Frederik Thoroe

I am going to miss you so much!

Dear, Dear Family, I'm going to miss you all so much! You are making a home for everyone who comes in the house, and I think you must have some kind of special magic. It must be called love and care. I must tell myself not to be all sad but it is very hard because I don't have know when I again will be here and enjoy life in this house of yours- now including me. Thank you for being who you are and letting me inside your warm hearts. Ohoi! and a little Tamang Dance 😀 See you soon ! With all my love Malena

Malene Elvstorm Aarchuse, Denmark

Malene Elvstorm Aarchuse

Thank you for opening up your home.

Thank you so much for opening up your home, and your hearts to us. There are no words to describe how grateful we are for the love and kindness you give to us. We will be back againn + untill then will be thinking of you always. All our love


Laura, gerogina & david

Thank you! For letting me be a part of your beautiful family.

Dear Dawa, Hiumaya, Ongmu, Mary, Dhundup and Mom. Thank you! For letting me be a part of your beautiful family, for being the amazing people you are, for all the love, the care, for laughter and smiles. I am truly grateful to have had the chance of learning about Nepali culture with you guys.  These months haas passed so quickly and I wish I had more time to stay here and spend with you. I wish you all the best till next time. For I promise that there will be a next time. Hopefully in not too long.  Shout "shyau" to mom for me.I love you all very muchf. You all occupy a special place in my heart. Keep being as amazing as you are.



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