Mr. Ngima Dawa Tamang (N.D Tamang) has 25 years of experience as a trekking and mountaineering leader with special training in Climbing and Alpine First Aid.

In 1984, with the Japanese Expedition he summited Mt. Gouri-Shankar (7,147 m.) through the south-east route. Since then he has accompanied many Expedition Groups climbing high peaks including Mt. Everest. As a trekking guide he has visited all of the Nepalese tourist destinations and some in Tibet.

Mr. Tamang has traveled extensively through out Europe and the United States where he lived and worked while acquiring skills in ballooning, paragliding and kayaking. He is also fluent in English, Italian and Japanese and is very active in his local community volunteering for numerous causes.

I have never been to school for a formal education, I have faced many difficulties in my lifetime.  This has made me take diligent interest to dedicate myself in helping with the needed education to the underprivileged.  I would like to express my sincere thanks to all for their contribution.”
– Ngima Dawa Tamang